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Welcome to SUB Co

For you who craving for working flexibly, creatively, and conveniently, let us escape from the isolation of regular office. Escalate your work style by using a shared workplace where people from various fields share the same work environment with complete office-like amenities. Curated and cozy ambience is ready to boost your mood, energetic atmosphere will get you feel more vibrant in working, meet numerous excited occupants and extend your network. We encourage you to work, to collaborate, to create, and to evolve together. Let’s feel working without boredom and boundaries only at SUB Co Coworking Space!


SUB Co will elevate your independent and flexible workstyle by providing comfy and cozy spaces that suit your growing business.We will facilitate your needs with exhaustive utility and sophisticated technology in supporting your work to run smoothly.


Meet and interact with other creative people at SUB Co. Get connected with various people from many different fields and experience the strong engagement. Blend your ideas, do collaboration and produce the valued outcome. Broaden your network and accelerate your business with us.


Associate with numerous independent workers and freelancers from many fields. SUB Co commited to improve your needs in gaining positive influences to enhance and expand your business to encounter the rapid pace of the future industry.



Monday to Saturday
08.00 AM – 09.00 PM


CCTV in strategic spots help secure all area.

Host Service

Meet our fun and friendly host who will assist you to fulfill your needs and request. Moreover, they will happily connect you with other creative people to accelerate your business.

Mail Address

Private mail address provided here. Receive your personal mail, document and huge packages which sent directly to your office.



Life is better connected, high speed internet access is available at SUB Co to support your working activity run well.

Printer, Scanner and Photocopy

In supporting your work to keep convenient, we provide printer, scanner and photocopy service. Fee charged may be applied to enjoy them.

Mini Library

Broaden your inspiration and references with our book’s collections.


Meet our fun and friendly host who will assist you to fulfill your needs and request. Moreover, they will happily connect you with other creative people to accelerate your business.

Telephone Line

Receive and make your direct call quickly. Telephone lines are available in your private offices.

Skype Room

Get your private video or conference call at our Skype booth or our Discussion room. Be more focus and lack of distraction while having a video call.


Boost your mood and energy with good cup of drinks. We provide complimentary coffee and tea to accompany you working at SUB Co

Event Space

Gather the people to inspire each other. Have audience at your incridible event, no worry about the space.


Never worried about your personal belongings. Store them safely in one of our lockers. Put a deposit to use this service

Meeting Room

Hold your meeting with your team or clients in our meeting rooms.

Outdoor Area

Concentraton is the key to be more resilient. We provide this quiet room for you to gain more focuses related to your work and business. Please contact our host for more info.

Part of something bigger

Connect with SUB Co members online and in real life. Whether you’re looking for a business partner, want to collaborate on a project, or just want to catch up, here’s where you connect with others like you.


Member Testimonial

“Co working space has been being a trend recently around the past 2 or 3 years. I found its existence has an important role in supporting independent workers. I felt when I was a freelancer, I had no fund to have my own office or to purchase a building, and here I was being helped by co working space where facilitate my needs. In my point of view, co working space is also useful for someone who builds a startup, independent workers, and freelancers to work conveniently. Besides, I see that in co working space there is an ecosystem to maintain and to be maintained in creative industry which is also an advantage for me.”


Food Blogger

“The concept of co working space for me is really interesting. Just like at SUB Co, where we as independent creative workers felt being facilitate. There is a strong engagement and incubation, where we are able to share and collaborate with other members who also run in creative industry. But the most exciting part is when we can get connected to various people in enhancing our business.”


Visual Designer

Member + Partner

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