It’s more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle.


SUB Co is an alternative workspace that accomodates creative and flexible workstyle precisely for independent workers and freelancers.

Established by PT.Intiland Development Tbk, a leading Indonesian property developer since December 2015, SUB Co is a form of direct contibution to Surabaya from Intiland to support the development of start up companies, especially in creative industry.

Located in West of Surabaya which is also a leading area with dynamic business pace, SUB Co provides two offices in Tierra and Spazio with cozy ambience, curated interior, exhaustive facilities, and extensive network that will boost both your working mood as well as your business.

SUB Co encourages people to work, to collaborate, to create and to evolve together. We are ready to fulfill your needs in enhancing you working style and accelerating your business.


Alternative future workspace that accelerating serendipity, accommodating creative workstyle, connecting independent workers, and solution space for startups as well as freelancers.


  • Creating new workstyle habit
  • Encouraging people to collaborate, work, create and to evolve together
  • Providing a cozy ambience for boosting your working mood
  • Providing exhaustive facilities for elevating comfy and flexible workstyle
  • Creating and increasing activities to enhance the promotion and broaden the network
  • Building a solid internal team-work for better services


Want to shape the future of work with us?